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The Full Story

Yacht Media Group

YMG was founded in 2020 with the goal to bring any and all media ideas to life. This can be as simple as still photos to detailed videos marketing a company or product. We try not to limit ourselves here at YMG and will always strive to branch out and try new projects for various industries. Some of our latest projects include automotive brands, art galleries, and small events.  See more of our work in our Gallery.  

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Luke Bossert

Luke Bosssert, a midwest native, founded Yacht Media Group from a lifelong passion for boats and being on the water. Growing up working on cars and boats near the Ozarks and other Midwest lakes, he knew he had to be somewhere he could boat year round. Leaving other business ventures in the Midwest, he made the move to South Florida to pursue his passion for boats. YMG has been growing ever since and continues to grow by the day. Luke believes relationships are the key to a successful business and thrives on bringing people together inside and outside of business. In turn, Yacht Media Group obviously focuses on the Yachting Industry but has done work for all different industries as shown in our gallery.


The YMG vision is to bring media ideas to life and create a meaningful connection from our clients service or product to their customers.  

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